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Youth Program

We are currently looking for young high endurance athletes between 16 to 21 year of age with at least some riding experience who are willing to train consistently with a team. We are a small non for profit cycling team committed to enhancing the racing culture in our area. Email us at for more information.

crit race #4.jpg
crit race #4.jpg


For some, road biking has become a sport that is unattainable because of the high costs of equipment and race fees. We want to make the sport attainable to the next generation. With each passing year, more and more bike races are disappearing and the next generation doesn't seem to have a great interest in it. We believe accessibility, support from a local team, and making the sport fun and exciting are the key. That's why we plan to host a series of bike races in the NJ/NY area for all.


Shake N Brake Racing is a small NJ/NY cycling team, started in 2021 by a few friends that were tired of the direction the sport was heading. We are a small non for profit team with strong riders, aging between mid 20's and mid 30's. We race in NYC, NJ, Upstate NY, PA, Vermont, and other areas. But as a team we focus on local races. 

Image by Simon Connellan
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